"I could go on and on from one stall to another; one artisan to another; and one moment to the next and recount with great detail the pleasures of the day. So let me simply say "thank you" for walking us about your great city and sharing the hidden shops."
- Thomas, Jane, Susan and Catherine, Susan and Margaret H.

"We both greatly enjoyed spending time with you. You are very efficient and knowledgeable in knowing where to find all the great things we wanted; we were impressed. Stan is trying to learn how to tune his instruments and both are really beautiful and unique. They were real conversation starters on our trip back home."
- Kathryn M. & Stan B.

"I found Behind the Bazaar to be fascinating. It allowed me to see the 'other' side of Istanbul – meeting artisans and discussing their craft."
- Linda Alepin, Founding Director of the Global Women's Leadership Network

The Behind the Bazaar trip was a whole new way of experiencing Istanbul-- through it’s creative women. Even as a native of the city, I felt this well-designed and well-executed tour provided all of us with a totally unique perspective of the city in a warm and informative environment. I would highly recommend it.
- Sema Ba┼čol, Co-founder of the Turkish Women's Initiative