Incir Boutique: Tailor Made Outfits

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Müge Halaç at Incir Boutique in Cihangir. We'd met at an event for entrepreneurs a few weeks earlier - Müge truly is entrepreneurial.

As much as she's creating her own label, she also provides some stylish services like working with you to design unique and affordable custom pieces for your wardrobe. She even gave me some style tips like what shapes I should be wearing (and avoiding).

If you visit her, ask her about the t-shirts she's designing with some other creative friends, or her idea for personalized gift boxes.

Alongside Müge's samples in her boutique, you'll also find her mother's jewelry designs scattered about.

On Project Runway, Michael Kors has remarked at least once that a true talent will pick up a piece of fabric and let it speak to her - that the fabric will tell her what it wants to be. Müge expressed this exactly which is why I thought it appropriate to take a photograph of her next to her collection.

Can't wait to see what they turn in to.

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  1. Ahh, I've read about Müge before. What she's doing seems really interesting and I hope it works out for her. I'll definitely be visiting next time we're in Istanbul! :)

  2. It was so exciting to meet with her in her boutique Julia. She is brimming with creative ideas. I've sent other women to work with her, and they have been very very happy. Don't forget to say hello the next time you're in Istanbul.