Silk Slippers

It was several years ago that this article about Janet Chisholm was first published in the New York Times Style section, but I was delighted to come across her luxury accessories company Hanimefendi more recently.

Made by hand from antique silk ikats as well as modern woven fabrics, the slippers are designed and manufactured in a workshop behind the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.

Near and dear to our hearts are anyone with the passion for reviving traditional craft with such beautiful taste and style.

Slippers fit for today's princess.

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  1. Beautiful slippers these, Tara! I want a pair of them. :-) Have to look for them next time in Istanbul. Do you feel like walking on air when wearing them...?

  2. Tara, They're gorgeous! I'd like to have a pair as well, or ten pairs to hang on the wall. They remind me of the thong slippers I bought in Bombay (when it was still called that way), almost too beautiful to wear, small pieces of artistry. To know that craftsmen and women are creating these beauties is a treat in itself.