For Sale

Behind the Bazaar is for sale!


Developed as an original and unique idea to showcase arts, crafts and food in Istanbul in a way less known by tourists. A good start-up business for someone who likes writing, photography, culture and lifestyle. The concept currently encompasses Istanbul but can be expanded or franchised to other regions

  • Domain Name
  • Facebook Page + 168 fans:
  • Twitter + 187 followers:
  • List of Vendors, Artists and Designers in Istanbul and around Turkey
  • Connection to a global network
  • 2 tailor-made Itineraries
  • Blog with 41 posts

  • 12-month strategy plan
  • 1-month transitional consulting with option for up to 12-months of operational coaching

Revenue Streams
  • Sourcing
  • Tours
  • Sponsorship
  • Advertising
  • Referral commissions

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