Make A Wish

Today is the Turkish festival of Hıdrellez commemorating when prophets Hızır and Ilyas met on earth. According to this account, having drunk from the water of life, Hızır symbolizes spring, and the new life emerging with it. He benevolently "wanders around among people from time to time, especially in the spring, and helps people in difficulty and distributes plenty and health."

When my mother-in-law lived in Isparta she would place coins in the roses for Hızır to bless them. Once the Hıdrellez festival was over, she would give us the coins to carry in our wallets throughout the year.

In another tradition, people attach their wishes to the nahıl tree like the one that the Armada Hotel organizes in Ahırkapı.

One of my favorite nahıl trees is on display at Nahıl boutique in Taksim.

However you celebrate today, be sure you make a wish.

It will surely come true.

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  1. What a lovely tradition! Thanks for sharing it with us.

    I'll be thinking carefully about exactly what wish I want to make - since it will come true and all...


  2. Tara,
    Wonderful folk lore, thank you! And what a beautiful picture you draw of your M.I.L. hiding coins in her roses.
    Recovering my sense of smell after living without for two years makes me long for the scented air of Isparta, thanks for the heads up, it's on my list of places to visit!
    Without you I'd be oblivious to this day of wish making, thanks!