Istanbul - a city of four seasons

A magical white Istanbul

Istanbul is one of those rare cities which remains beautiful and has something to offer the whole year round. Despite being most popular during the summer months, when most travelers plan their holidays and usually combine a trip further down to the sun, sea and sand of the Aegean and Mediterrenean Coasts of Turkey, Istanbul loses none of its liveliness during the spring and winter months.

Our designer Istanbul excursions include visits to both little-known historical places, such as a 400 year-old medrese which is still alive with arts and crafts taught and practised within its walls all year through, as well as Turkish artists and designers. We get to see their art change and grow throughout the seasons in harmony with the colour of the trees lining the entrance to the Dolmabahce Palace.

Sometimes, to really understand and enjoy a city and a culture, it’s better to visit without the summer tourist hoardes and enjoy the museums, palaces, mosques and famous shopping districts at a more leisurely pace.

A view of the Bosphorus from Anadolu Kavagi in autumn.

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