Secrets of Istanbul

It's probably obvious from our blog that we love Istanbul! But what matters a lot to us is that we get to show a side of Istanbul which no-one really knows about - not even the locals. Turkey is about so much more than beautiful architecture, mosques, hospitality and delicious food. 

Wouldn't you like to discover how the famous hand-painted tiles inside the Blue Mosque were made? The revolutionary story of Islamic illustration and calligraphy? What an Ottoman university (medrese) was like 600 years ago? Whether these arts still live on today?

The ancient art of Ottoman calligraphy - 'Hattat'. Artist: Selim Turkoglu

Our excursion answers all of these questions by letting you into their secrets and allowing you to observe. You get the opportunity to see the traditional arts and crafts in their ancient settings as well as how modern designers incorporate them today. Our aim is to support these arts and designers by sharing them with you. 

Oh, and with a special designer discount, you can buy your souvenirs and gifts from the designers and artisans happy in the knowledge that you have supported them and that you'll be taking home something a little more different than the expected Turkish rug and fez!

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