East Meets West

As Figen wrote in our welcome post, our partnership is built on our shared passion for modern and traditional Turkish arts (among other things). These are the things that catch our eye and get us asking questions. "What's that," we ask when we find something unique, well-designed, or well-crafted.
If you've ever been to Turkey, you will always be offered a glass of tea. It is a civilized and gracious gesture that invites you to slow down for a few moments while you sip the steamy beverage. In many cases it will be offered to you in a tulip shaped glass like this:
During a visit to one of our favorite linen showrooms I was offered the customary glass of tea which I gladly accepted. Much to my delight, the tea came to me in this glass by Maybe Design:

As I mentioned above, we are enthralled by things that are modern but inspired by traditional Turkish design. This glass is called "East Meets West" in that it encompasses both the tulip-shaped Turkish glass and a traditional straight one. But seeing the tea suspended within is quite a surprise and makes the experience that much more enjoyable.
If you have a look at Maybe Design's website you'll notice they have branches in both Istanbul and Vienna, so it is little surprise that they would be inspired by these different cultures. I encourage you to have a look at some of their other products too as they are not things you're likely to see everywhere.
And as you browse their product catalog, why not enjoy a nice glass of tea?

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